… a virtual space where students translate ideas and create objects of their choice related to the concepts contained in reading assignments; class discussion; guest lecturers; and museum visits.

Dress In Motion – The Tanagra Dress Reframed video by Massimo Mascolo and Claudio Napoli from Claudio Napoli on Vimeo.

Fabric of Cultures: Systems in the Making Paperback Catalog

Fabric of Cultures: Systems in the Making is a research and pedagogical lab that aims at connecting in new ways the relationship between producers and consumers as well as exploring the uses to which a clothing archive can be put for a learning community. The Internet has contributed enormously to changes in how fashion is thought, lived and consumed. More than ever before, and especially after the tragedy of Rana Plaza, consumers are more compelled to know what hands and labor conditions are behind our clothing. This also explains why we have established a practice lab for the class.

By thinking of fashion through objects, we would like to engage in conversation with both the general public and academia.